Internet Marketing for Small Business Certificate Program (IMCP)

Internet Marketing is a critical component for small business expansion. This 8 hour certificate program is designed to expand a small business owner’s knowledge of the internet tools that are available to them.

Introduction to Google Analytics

As a small business owner, every minute and dollar counts. You need reporting tools that will help you make informed marketing decisions. Google Analytics is a powerful, free reporting tool you can use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Learn how to set up Google Analytics to measure website visitor traffic, collect data from your online marketing campaigns and social media activity.
Instructor: Roland Reinhart
CRN 60094
Wed Feb 19 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Course fee: $35 ($20 tuition, plus fees)

Introduction to Google AdWords

Engage consumers while they’re searching for information related to your business. In this search engine advertising course you’ll learn the basics to: identify unique keywords and phrases that consumers are currently using to find your business (and competitors), write ads, design landing pages, set up a campaign in Google AdWords. Instructor: Roland Reinhart
CRN 60095
Wed Feb 26 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Course fee: $50 ($35 tuition, plus fees)

Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Learn the essential steps every small business owner should follow to introduce and manage their brand online. We’ll evaluate the major social networking sites (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+) so you can choose which will be right for promoting your business.
Instructor: Roland Reinhart
CRN 60096
Wed March 5 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Course fee: $50 ($35 tuition, plus fees)

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