What do an organic landscape designer and a robotics duo have in common?  More than you’d think.  Both  are SBDC clients who run their own entrepreneurial businesses and bth receieved recent recognition in the media for their works.  Helen Grundmann, who founded and runs Helen Grundman Garden Design, was featured in an article that appeared in an article entitled “Lush Life Naturally,” in the April 2012 issue of New Jersey Monthly (pp. 60-63).   The article describes Grundmann’s organic gardening  results in her own backyard, as well as the design philosphy that guides her business.

In addition, SBDC client David Peins was featured in an online interview with EETimes  reporter Sylvia Barak while he and his business partner Brian Patton manned their booth at the prestigious USA Science and Engineering Festival in Wash., D.C., April  27-29.   Their company, Robodyssey Systems, Inc., provides  educational robot kits, robotic curriculum, electronic curriculum, robotic classes and books.   To hear more about Robodyssey, view the interview here.

If you are an SBDC client whose small business has receieved recognition, we’d like to share your good news.  Let us know by contacting us by email at sbdc@raritanval.edu or by phone, (908) 526-1200 x8516.