HerbaKraft President Nisha Khanijow and VP of Operations Liz Jaquez

HerbaKraft President Nisha Khanijow and VP of Operations Liz Jaquez

HerbaKraft President Nisha Khanijow founded her business on the simple premise that manufacturers of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals and functional foods shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to make their products affordable. When Khanijow started HerbaKraft in March 2004 it was a home-based, one-person international distribution business that generated $500,000 in annual sales. Today, HerbaKraft employs thirteen individuals, three of whom have been hired in the last two years. The company’s annual sales for 2012 totaled $4.5 million and Khanijow is targeting HerbaKraft 2013 sales at $7-8 million.

Nisha and her husband, Executive Vice President Vinod Khanijow, do not measure their success solely on increased sales and profits. Employee growth, loyalty, accountability, social responsibility, respect, education, and hard work constitute the core of HerbaKraft’s successful management style. They apply these core values through their involvement in the communities they serve as well as with employees. For example, the company supports vital organizations such as Vitamin Angels (www.vitaminangels.org) which helps at-risk populations in need, specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under the age of five, by giving them access to life-saving and life-changing micronutrients.

HerbaKraft approached the NJSBDC at Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) in February 2012 for help in managing the rapid expansion of their business. Under the Jobs Act grant, NJSBDC at RVCC was able to provide record keeping, human resource, insurance and other business development assistance through its counselors Carla Fallone, Linda Dousis, Vicki Lynne Morgan, Sal Ricciardone, Rita Auld, and Karen Katcher.

In June 2013, HerbaKraft was awarded the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)/ANSI’s prestigious GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) for Dietary Supplements certificate. Becoming GMP-certified involves an arduous and rigorous documentation of processes covering every procedural aspect of the company seeking compliance – it is a documented trail from manufacturing to shelf. Achieving GMP certification serves as public assurance to the consumer that each and every one of the certified company’s products have the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that it is represented to possess. This is especially important to the Khanijows because, as Vinod explains, “It could be my family member who takes that supplement.” HerbaKraft products are also kosher-certified.

HerbaKraft has continued its relationship with the NJSBDC at RVCC beyond the expiration of the Jobs Act grant, as the business continues to grow. Currently, the NJSBDC at RVCC is assisting HerbaKraft in developing a $700k loan package to fund their recent expansion into the south Asian market.

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