Jan./Feb. 2018 Training Courses at the SBDC@RVCC

Below are the SBDC 2018 courses available in January/February at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) of Raritan Valley Community College. Phone: 908-526-1200, ext. 8516.  Email: sbdc@raritanval.edu

 Click on the title of the courses listed below for additional information and to register online.

A complete listing of current training courses can be found in our online Spring 2018 online schedule.

60024 The Business Plan (ECP, VECP) 1/16/2018
60036 Integrated Marketing-Part 1 1/24/2018
60008 Part I: Accounting Fundamentals – Both Desktop and Online Options 1/29/2018
60009 Part II: QuickBooks Set-Up for Small Businesses – Desktop Option 2/5/2018
60058 Crowdfunding: A New Alternative to Raising Working Capital 2/6/2018
60026 The Science of Selling (ECP, VECP) 2/6/2018
60042 How to Purchase a Business or Franchise 2/7/2018
60053 Legal 1 (ECP, VECP) 2/7/2018
60064 3 Myths Even Savvy Professional Women Believe That Keeps Them Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed 2/12/2018
60018 Part III: QuickBooks Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable – Desktop Option 2/13/2018
60054 Legal 2 (ECP, VECP) 2/14/2018
60038 How to Network for Success 2/20/2018
60022 Building Your Marketing Plan (ECP, VECP) 2/21/2018
60010 Part II and III: QuickBooks Set up and A/R and A/P – Online Option 2/26/2018
60060 CEO Leadership Training 2/27/2018
60044 Create Your Local Business Listing on Google and Bing 2/28/2018
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