Social Media to Promote Your Business ClassThis instruction is geared toward beginners .. . if you don’t know anything about digital marketing or only know a little and could use a refresher, benefit your business by sharpening the internet marketing tools in your box – here is your chance to do that!

Please note: To participate fully in a Small Business Development Center webinar session, you may join the meeting via desktop or laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or other appropriate device with internet connectivity.  A webcam and microphone set-up will be required in order to participate interactively during the SBDC Webinar classes. You may pretest your connection and equipment by joining a test meeting at the Zoom website:

Detailed participation instructions will be provided to attendees in the class confirmation email notice that will be sent prior to each Webinar session.

These webinars begin at 12 pm.

  • Tuesday, June 9,  “Google Ads for Beginners” – CRN 60267 – will teach quick, actionable tips to set up a simple search advertising campaign and begin generating leads for your business.
  • Tuesday, June 23, with “Email Marketing for Beginners” – CRN 60268. Learn how to build long lasting relationships that convert to customers, become evangelists on your behalf, or refer others to you.

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