SBDC Advanced Courses

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CEO Leadership Training                       NEW     SB813              9 hours
This 3-session series explores business strategy as practiced by successful, well-led organizations. The importance of CEO’s with winning leadership qualities who are able to gain competitive advantage through clarity of purpose, a defining sense of mission and effective collaboration will be highlighted.  Participants will discuss achieving strategic growth through leadership evaluation, goal-setting, value creation, technology integration.  Also, the effective utilization of business management tools such as financial liquidity and solvency ratio analytics, HR talent assessments, and customer analytics will be explored.  A CEO mentoring community will be discussed at the conclusion of the class.
Attendee Requirements:  CEO’s with evaluative financials for at least 3 years and currently employ 10 or more employees.
Course fee: $229
CRN 60060        Tue, Feb 27, Mar 13 & 27       8:30 – 11:30am
CRN 60061        Tue, Apr 10, 24 & May 8       8:30 – 11:30am

Business Valuation        NEW    SB469             3 hours
There are many reasons to have a valuation of your business; selling, refinancing or just wanting to know what your business is worth.  Valuating a business can be a complicated process.  Learn about the myths and methods of the business valuation process and how to objectively identify the market value of your investment.
Course fee: $79
CRN 60062        Mon, Apr 2       6 – 9pm

Take Care of Yourself and Career; Five Simple Self Care Strategies NEW SB471   3 hours
This class will offer simple strategies for time-challenged professional businesswomen who want to take care of themselves better so they can become more engaged, healthy, and dynamic. You will walk away with a starter toolbox of techniques to improve your daily routine.
Course fee: $229
CRN 60066        Wed, Apr 25       6 – 9pm